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HRMA Monthly Meeting

  • Thursday, April 22, 2010
  • 11:30 AM - 12:59 PM
  • Gulf Coast WorkForce Center Hwy 231


  • Annual Lunch Purchase

Registration is closed

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Fair Labor Standards Act - FLSA

Linda Bond, Attorney
Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell, P.A.


More About Linda and the Firm


This session will provide employers with strategies and policy suggestions that help to avoid costly litigation.

How Do You Measure Up?

10.  “I didn’t know the employee was working any overtime. I told employees they had to get approval before working any over time.”

9.  “I knew Shelia was not working all the time she claimed, so I just changed her timesheet, besides I tell employees how many hours to put on their timesheets, even if they work more hours, I tell employees to only write down 40 hours per week.”

8.  “I don’t believe in timesheets and time clocks, I just pay everybody for 40 hours per week; that way everything just evens out.”

7.  “Even though Alan is salaried, when he doesn’t show up for work, I just deduct the amount from his pay.”

6.  “I don’t believe in paying overtime, every body just works until the job is done. If someone works more than 40 hours this week, I just let them work less hours next week.”

 5.  “When Jasper left, he still owed me $200.00 for his cell phone, so I just took it out of his last check. I’m going to hold that check until he pays me.”
4.  “Everyone here is salaried.”  

3.  “Employees will get upset if I change them from salaried to hourly.”  
2.  “I run a restaurant, these folks make enough money in tips, and I don’t need to pay them anything.”

1.  “If I pay my employees well and treat them good, they will never sue me.”  

Human Resource Professionals and small business representatives meet monthly.  First we have lunch ($15.00 for members), ($25.00 for Non-Members) then we have presentations to the group.  ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  Members of H.R.M.A., please log-in to our NEW website from the HOME PAGE using your e-mail address ON FILE and password. Select forgot password if you don't remember your password to have it e-mailed to you immediately.  You may later change this password.  Please update your profile while you are there.  If you are not currently a member you can also make application and/or register for events.  If you apply for membership you will be notified when it has been approved. You may attend events even before your membership is approved. We are always seeking NEW members. SHRM members pay no local dues.

Website Address: www.HRMA.MemberLodge.org

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